Monday, March 9, 2015

Tantrum Me

I don't want to do anything
Or talk to anyone
My appetite doesn't agree with everything
Feeling lazy and tired, tired, tired
I only want my dunlop pillow..only that specific pillow
And sprawl over the entire king size bed from end to end
Counting by seconds before falling asleep
But falling asleep only come for awhile!
Leaving me restless thinking of nothing interesting
Then it revisit, but just before dreamland is vanished!
How's like grabbing lollipop off a hopeful kid 
I was ready to be taken somewhere beautiful! Take me, take me, take me there!
Ohh the distant sound of the water fall and chirping birds...Cool breeze blowing the hair, lungs of fresh air
Perfect place to relax while sipping fresh coconut juice and enjoy the outdoor bali massage..
Soothing the aching shoulder, down the spine to toes 
Pushing the stress out, out, out from my body and soul...Pufff into thin air!
Leaving me light, so light that I can tiptoe on the water, fly in the air, bounce to the sky and laugh, laugh, laugh
I want to go there now, immediately, this instant
Opium? Seriously??

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